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Suddenly Buoyed

Suddenly with the tactile brightness
from the intrusive, unwieldy snow,
the days are longer.
They have been for weeks,
but my soul is unusually buoyed today.

Dramatic weakness,
my soul being waved around
by the length of the day
like a terrible doll
from my dog’s clenched fangs.

The snow has its days
I need help to make my days.
Darkness should not swim so long
in my tiny green pond with dead fish.

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Man in Winter Street V5

Searing breezes on frozen
black ocean
beleaguered by barren snow.

A fierce blizzard snatched Sam,
abandoning his dead body
in a snow bank, with him
coveting his commute

Beautified black jacket flies,
securing fit is not easy,
escaping a wicked, dead, terrifying street,
knowing nothing good is to come,
desperately wishing for poise,
for compassion
that steams the room,
clearing the icicles.


I thought it might be good to shoot at One Shot Wednesday! Check out the entries – A bunch of good artists over there!

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Man in Winter Street

Beautified black jacket flies, fit not easy, escaping a dead street
with searing breezes on frozen, black ocean surrounded by snow.
Gray metals and tingling plastics modulate the meeting of obligations,
and gorgeous white Cadillac rests on sparkling garage floor for clean hobbies.

Now Lilly is alone, remnants of a sunny day, still nice but massively phobic.

Sam was doing his best to bring home prey for a mean gas grill.
Kitchen table lights had howled of manifested financial manipulations.
And terrier in porthole, standing guard over the stellar, irradiated castle.
Marvelous grounds kept with deluxe machinery, all created from scratch.

A fierce blizzard took Sam, leaving his dead body in a snow bank, waiting to commute.

Ever careful, the suited mourner walks the drive, with sacred motion,
past a dirty and dark SUV with child seats, contrasting against snow
and the finest, gray-tan, brittle but sturdy cement from slick mixers.
Reminders of kids of kids, perhaps not on this trip, missing Grandfather Sam.

Knowing nothing good is to come, desperately wishing for poise,
for compassion that steams the room, clearing the icicles, the mourner
continues to move modestly as if frightened by the North wind.
Lilly wishes the day to end, but she longs for deep circles of comfort.

Dreaded Carl drives into the deadly white against the dangerous black with ice,
realizing his life is not quite over – His mind has scraps of chance and hope,
creating specks of faith that his spirit might survive the soaked blanket in his head.

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Blessing Our Original Space

Heart pulses in big bubbles,

Larger than cities with lights.

Dirt pushes and reaches toward our creator.

Brown grass slices and breaks snow,

Crawling with snakes and rabbits,

Disguises our bright intention

With violent shapes.

Furry white moves with civilization,

Sifting puffs carry brown injuries,

Unyielding, unblemished symmetries.

Cottony evenness cares for humans.

Startling lines of geometries

From a mind that cannot be grasped, Read the rest of this entry »

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Lost in the Dark of White

Brilliant powder prances swiftly on the land

Brightness alleviates desire for man’s instruments

Dance and frolic, remember the fun, light shakes

We want more; we always want more thick shine

When more is here, we freeze, we stutter, we hide

Fears of insane crunching metals stopping humanity

Avoid the madness, bring more, dance and run away

More becomes the nothingness that blesses us


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