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Trailing Fingers

Briefly, there is a dark, thoughtful beauty.
Feet, hands, and fingers stick to my desire.
Glances, yes furtive.
It’s not at all likely,
but I wonder if I could be as young.

Then an old maid,
hair in bun,
smacks me
with her suitcase.
I look up hoping for an apology,
but she is mean as hell.

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Never Safe Travels

I found an empty row, spread out. Not crushing someone is the way to travel. Why do they make “airplane mode” for devices and the attendant says no devices even in airplane mode? I think they want to make sure that people do not enjoy the flight. I’m half as big as half of the customers and the seat is too small. I don’t know who should fix this problem – big Americans on diets or airplanes not buying French seats. My boarding pass had the NYC weather printed on it and it depressed me. I don’t mind big cities, but big cities in the rain with muggers ready to attack as soon as you extend your umbrella, those are rotten experiences. Layover in Philadelphia and all I could think of was how I hated the thugs on their hockey team. Ugly thugs. I can’t pronounce the name of my hotel in NYC but my cab driver doesn’t speak English, so I point at it on my itinerary and his eyes get huge. I’m afraid I’m heading for a rat-infested hell hole, but I travel with good books, so rats be damned.

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