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American Football

Pushing the mower,
being painted by the slightest
anxiety as she awoke
from her slumber, reckoning

it was her time as the bankruptcy
of a culture is pervaded
by the luminosity of the day,
seemingly bent on the reduction

of the anima down to the carcasses
of winter’s solace from the deep affinity
for ice hockey, as the voice in a box
screams about the horrific need

to turn up the radio, to turn down
the TV, and thus the angst,
for the radio will not play back
with the DVR, so the show is ruined,

and how critical is this to the spirit?
Are you ready for some football, you,
you inane American with a vacuous
soul? Will you fulfill your life’s aspirations

by watching the drama on the field,
admittedly a drama with greater alacrity,
greater clarity than that of your own,
flat, foggy life, you, you with the dearth

of spirit.


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House Rules


Smoke breaks
are a privilege
not a right.
And must be
by staff
if time permits.
Only one cigarette
per break. No lying down

or putting feet
on the furniture.
TV goes off
during lunch
and dinner
and twelve step meetings.

No drug and alcohol
and no

Only one helper
in the kitchen.
Do not close blinds.
Don’t spill drinks.
Eat candy slowly.

Respect staff
and each other.
No bumming
Cigarettes. Take

your medicine.



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