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On Tuesday, Meditation Did Big Things to Me

Some days, I’m

healed, craving deep,

frozen time,

holding this

now, wishing for old friends, but

they’re gone, so I sit.



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By Myself, I Can’t Get Back Up Again

I fall in

roadside ditches, mud

splashes my

face, smothers

my blown hopes, but some grant me

grace, allow me life.



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When the Space Is Crashing In On Me

I’ve lost all

battles, drying out

in fierce winds,

waiting for a permanent history

where I fall no more



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The Darkness Ceased for a Moment

They crawl out

of soil, to help, to

forgive me,

to hold me,

showing me I’m not in hell,

beveling, I’m warm.

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They Were Everywhere After I Awoke

When I hear

the monsters coming,

I hide, and

they don’t hear

me, but they look at me and

see dark disaster.

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While Working on Using Any Wisdom I Might Possess

Pilots fly

us to the other

side and we

fall, fail, and

oceans swallow us deeply

looking for old men.

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I Struggle Early (and Often)

There are morn-

ings when I can’t get

out of jail,

details pop,

humans strangle, cutting, leav-

ing insane self down.



One day, the sun, the trees, and the light post marked my mood.

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A Day Crossing Some Unusual Desert Land

Grayed windows

highlight slimy life,

creepy sun

sending them

off to hide, sorting mismatched

colors, death soon here.

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Saturday Death at Costco

I want to

love people, forgive

and be calm,

always smile,

but I am not bright sun, and

I am blasted dead.


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Was I at Denny’s with her One Time?

Baby brown booth,

you staring, then shouts

tell me you

hate me; my

mother hates me, shows me I’m

shit living badly.



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