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Voice-Only, Vacant Talks

I like to tell people that I’m bad with the phone. I suppose it’s true. Today, I got ten or twelve calls at the office. I became highly aware of my unconscious, hateful reaction toward being compelled to talk on the phone. I answered each of the calls, and after about 15 or 20 seconds, that driving, deep revolt dissipates back to almost no presence from the unconscious and I begin to feel almost comfortable, relaxed.

Each time a call comes in, I really want my voice mail to handle it. How can voice mail handle the things someone might call me about? It can’t, but at least then I get time to prepare on how I might respond to the caller, and sometimes, I get to respond by email, which seems to be a way I allow myself to be clearer in my communication (despite what your opinion might be about my essay at this point).

I have found that I really need to see a face in order to feel as though I am in a comfortable conversation. With the phone, perhaps it is my problem with shattered self-esteem, I seemingly always have an initial feeling of the party Read the rest of this entry »

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