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Take Me to a Forest

Smoked by disciples,
holy and blessed by blood,
they see my vital liquids, keep chewing,
mirroring, growing my hopelessness.

Smart enough to know I am gone forever.
Why is just north of middle, done?
Games aren’t over until the “Final Whistle.”
But my game, not friendly, is to the death.

You’ve taught me how to survive my day,
but not how to survive my life.
I am surrounded by meaningless self-importance,
crushing any will to live.

Then there are vehicles everywhere.
I’d rather see horses.
Everyone off to one pointless destination
after another.

Maybe someone is off to see a lover.
But is that not pointless too?

I am longing for lack of consciousness,
something to push away my awareness,
something that will not blacken my spirit.

Take me to a forest.
Let me be lost,
lost for the second half,
blasted by things,
things that are not consumed.



I don’t know if there is any more room one One Shot Wednesday, but I’d like to put this piece in, here on Tuesday. Go check out all of the fine work linked on the post.


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