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Fire Me to Ash

After a long hiatus, this is more from the Who I Want to Be series.

This morning, a wonderfully wise man gave me information that helped me on my path. He wrote about fire in our spirit and when fire is done there is nothing but ash and ash is nothing. The fire should be going all of the time, the ash should be blowing away all of the time, and the forest should be thin in minimalist beauty.

In order for our spirit to have fire, we cannot be thinking of anything but what we are doing, and hopefully what we are doing does not require thinking (though we tend to think almost all of the time, life probably requires true thinking for less than 5% of the time we spend awake. So when I’m reading the paper, if I am thinking about the report that is due at work this morning, I am doing neither the reading nor the report and instead, I am basking in this incredible, hopefully temporary insanity. Some might name this as a disease of modernity, as a plague of our culture rather than insanity.

When my mind is disturbed, I am on my way to insanity. When I am 100% disturbed, which has happened a few times, I don’t do anything wacky like kill people (yet!) or streak naked through the neighborhood (yet!), but I clutch at my head, wanting all of the pain to go away, Read the rest of this entry »

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On the Roads

The Road to Knowledge
they proclaim proudly.
Sell, sell, sell.
I’m done buying three-day seminars
The knowledge I have
seems to rot me to the center.

Where is the road to peace?
I search for the lost road.
Sometimes anxious,
sometimes I know
I will make it home some day.
And then I am calm.
When I am calm,
I want to give my peace
to everyone for free.
And I do not wonder
if people think me stupid.


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