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Travels Through Death Soon to Come II

My death is arriv-
ing with brown and purple hugs,
temporary nails,
Gregorian chant sneaks up,
John Cage cheers my soul

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Lost On, Lost In The Highway

Today, my journey was the usual,
the daily, each day heading for home,
finding home hidden from me seeing

vegetable stands in bombed buildings,
watching plywood work it’s way
to shelter me from the innocent,

locking me away with crooked beasts
who have steel pipes pulled from
the structure of nothingness, ready to

beat me thoroughly, and I stare 
at the vacant parking lot with black 
sewage toppings, knowing there is no 

warmth, knowing it’s no home of mine 
but wanting to be flattened under the
sewage and the two smashed eggs.

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This Morning, A Study

nights cover sun
light and kill little hearts
which were glowing gold and nervous
on junk

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Countering the Nothingness

A six-part fugue from The Musical Offering, in...

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It is all nothing.
Staring at the white and
Lines and numbers,
Adding nothing to the world,
Confiscating life from Bach.
Glorious, loud earphones
Shear me from insanity.
Gently moving arpeggios
Make sense of the world’s structures.
Bach is not drowned by the
The bleakness of our world.
Yet he permeates it and
Strips away the shit.
He leads us to subtle
Victories of joy over
Concrete obstacles to love.

Yet here I sit with numbers,
Vicious lines and terrible white.
Microsoft’s blues do not soften the blows.
Steal whatever will to live Read the rest of this entry »

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