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Lightly, Not Trespassing

This is my late submission for PAD Day 3. My dog ate the first one and that is why this is so late. The prompt for this day was to write a poem on something tentative.

Lightly, Not Trespassing

Her ego, too large, but perhaps not,
might it be a sensitive soul,
needing defense, causing compassion,
and I’ve fallen in, or have I?

She talks of her fans. They love
her, cause her to be reticent in shar-
ing, about how close they get to her,
and I want to be one, a fan, close to her.

More of her takes me into deep, warm
areas, and I must hold back, not tell
her any truth about my desires, so I
watch her, shiver, downed by longing.


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Hold That Noise

Late to the game, I am attempting the Writer’s Digest Poem A Day Challenge for National Poetry Month. I’ll catch up on the prior day on some other day. Today’s was to write a poem which has a title that begins with “Hold That ______”



Hold That Noise

Morning fills with the whirring
of how I might do well today,

and then cacophony
of justification, of defense,
of false comfort, for when

I get here, I’m lost, for-
saken, worthless, dreaming
of when I might do well.


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