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Willingness – Part II

The monkey was not aware,
but I was prepared.
Not wanting to move into the day,
I said let me be patient.
I don’t know why the monkey is slow.

If the disturbance is frustration
with terribly-unaware, marinated monkeys,
the solution is patience and tolerance.

The Brontosaurus was eager
to flatten me like thin roast beef,
but the solution is the same,
and get out of the way, if you can.

Run, run, run away,
and dip toes gently in the ink,
and float above,
sprinkling sand on the monkey,
sand from the eternity of my peace.

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Being a Monkey in a Cave

Work is fine if I’m admired. Tell me I’m superb.
But really, I plop deeply down,
tan military
tank in car-
And when
there, I can
only keep digging
deeper. It gets darker. I hate
work and the bright realization of green worthlessness.
Sickly. It gets heavier. I hate
being a monkey
in a cave.
And when
red covers
my military
tank sinks, plopping me in casket.
Work is fine if I’m admired. Tell me I’m superb.


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