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Missing the New Drug

I ask the fiery gold snake with deep, warm, brown eyes,

What are you selling?

She slides gently around my waist and responds:

I have everything you need!

I need something for the pain.

I can give you happiness.

How much does that cost?

Just a few pieces of your heart.

I want happiness.  What else?

The pieces were not slimy, red or dark purple

As you might expect, knowing the heart,

But were brittle and delicate

Pink shards like fine china.

I can give you serenity.

How much does that cost?

Just a few more pieces.

Yes, I need that.  What else?

A wonderful path for artistic pursuits.

The snake directs the mammoth fangs to the left.

The path was wide.  My mind could see heaven.

I could not imagine such beauty.  This, the only path.

Yes, yes, yes.  Can you sell me a lover?

A lover?

A lover who adores the art?

Of course, but that is quite a few pieces of your heart.

Give it to me!  Can you sell me love?

Surely, but you cannot afford it.

How much does it cost?

Several more pieces, but you have run out of heart.

The snake slides away into a thick gray.

I collapse into nothingness.

I should have bought a new drug instead.




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Resisting All That Is Offered

Pulled so hard, like hair stuck in the door.

Ribs are being squeezed by wicked finger tips.

Finger tips with dull nails, and the light is gone.

The Mistress is always floating, waving, shouting.

She asks, “Why did you leave?” She waves excuses.

She knows why, but The Mistress is never wrong.

The Mistress has thrown the animal in the crib.

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