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Enviro-Fix 100

No airplanes, relief, loud buses, no diesel, sharp angles sheathing the crisp heat of the Missouri summer. Wood, brown, more wood framing his mind in this antiquity that sends chills through a chair with crappy arms. Quiet. No rummaging of voices, but nice rumbling of distant tires and revved engines. Saved from death.

One smile and then another smile. Pain in the ass but polite, so tolerable. High walls save others from disgust, allow slithering through soothing environment toward two refrigerators that preserve the essence of a day long ago when cigar smoke hovered over the deals of the gods.



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Winter Love Slam

A  tribute to John Cage,

Some of you might want to skip on by. . .

John Cage

[to be read aloud, musically, peacefully:]

Arrive winds twenty night late and
from precautionary freezing
snow significant winter storm
flashlight glaze snowfall national
timing forecasts become Kansas
visibilities other there
freezing location light is a
actions Wednesday through area
ten and accumulations night
afternoon watch preparedness
strong watch covered freezing falling
Western reduced monitor well
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