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Lost Measures of Good

Like a dog too old, with musty hips
but in sudden spirit, front paws in spring,
fangs trumpeting how tough I am.

Be me.
Insane, running down dirt tracks
where old tires run to their burial.
Should be not be me.

Be compassionate,
for those who shall knife me,
for those who shall pull me
into sickness of nothingness.

Watch the trains grinding rusty tracks,
and the wheels never stop, diesel smoke
creeps through all that is good in sight.

None of these measures are met
with even slight ounces of courage.
Failure is highest with the most important
measure of wanting my life back,
failing to measure what has been lost forever.

At last, close with one simple measure:
Smile, breathe, and go slowly.


Jingle’s Poetry Potluck this week is Aims, Goals and Ambitions. I thought I might try one on the theme. Go check out the efforts.

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Drain Brain

Morning pages empty my mind.

My fresh purpose is to love all there is.

The sun is bursting out and in and out.

I exhale all of the good there ever was

For the world to share, for the world to eat,

And I inhale all of the sick and the evil and

Crush it with my sparkling, sticky, determined  ribs.

I’m big and wide open, a gentle lion without a cage.

My fur is a bed for all of the unloved and the wounded.

My paw creates safety and my tongue heals in strokes.

Roaring, I want everyone to be

As happy as I want to be.

My soul is excited, thrilled and stupid.

My soul does not care what you think.

I claw at the stream of dung of phony ideas

To keep my mind empty

Of all of the sick, rakish forks of thought,

Which are foraging, ravaging deeply, trying

To make me an impossible human being.



It is nearly Wednesday again, which means it is another One Shot Wednesday.  I will submit this piece.  Go check out the fine work in the submitted links.  Cheers!


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2011 Mission Statement – Not Hopeless Yet

This is further material for the Who I Want to Be effort:

My title has some of my typical sarcasm, and I suppose it is not funny in the least bit.  Everything I let out of my mind is far too dependent upon the stability of my mind.

Yesterday, I had the best day I have had since April 24th of last year (tee hee – love saying this on January 1).  On April 24th, I remember thinking that the depression had completely lifted and I was finally a free man, and I could not remember being a happier man, but I woke up to a 25th that was even worse than the 23rd, worse because I had been newly reminded of what it might be like to be sane and healthy in a crazy world.  Yesterday was not like the 24th because I could feel the heavy blanket throughout the day, but I started feeling moments when I actually had that joie de vivre.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Mission Statement Malpractice

This is additional material for the Who I Want to Be effort.

I wrote a Mission Statement a few years ago, not long after I got sober.  I’d written many before that and had various successes living up to them. After getting sober, it was so wonderful to finally have a Mission Statement where I could honestly pursue all of the values I genuinely believed in.  I could begin to succeed at fulfilling my values with my foe, alcohol, out of the way.  Alcohol doesn’t destroy your values but it significantly lowers the priority level of implementing those values.  The following statements that are bolded and italicized are from that Mission Statement, and following each one is a judgment on performance.  As I progress in my work with B2, I am sure we will get a totally new Mission and hopefully do a little to live up to it.

I will be passionate for a sober life filled with music, serenity, and integrity without the chaos driving the bus. I need to try to go easy on myself – I’m staying sober and helping others in that regard. That’s good.  I also listen to music as much as I can because it fuels my life and my desire to do good things.  I don’t think I have any serenity, but it is relative.  Many of the things Read the rest of this entry »

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