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That Hole, It Survives

A ghost sat

on me, relishing

in darkness

my colored

dance with her warm red hugs –

she left me nothing

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Dark Sun Through Broken Windows

Waving at

frozen suns, begging

for warmer

lives, seeking

quiet times when love will not

be missing, stolen



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On Tuesday, Meditation Did Big Things to Me

Some days, I’m

healed, craving deep,

frozen time,

holding this

now, wishing for old friends, but

they’re gone, so I sit.



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By Myself, I Can’t Get Back Up Again

I fall in

roadside ditches, mud

splashes my

face, smothers

my blown hopes, but some grant me

grace, allow me life.



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Etude 2017-5 — One Day My Dog Began to Love Me

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Take a Look in the Mirror – Meditation on Mean People Pushing Their Big Carts Around at Costco

I see self,

but this moment, I’m

so oddly

kind, gentle,

I know that inside of me

is meaner than they.

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Do You Know What Happens When Music Causes Great Joy? You end by…

Grabbing blaz-

ing bulbs afire with

super dogs

licking your

face, blowing cauldrons, bubbles

fizzing out your tops.

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Fires and Greatness in Darkest Recoveries

Today, the
ledge flies sharply through
my brain mush
but time, she
stopped and carried me deeply
into sands

glazing my
brain and the ledge stretched
far to moons
telling me I’m the greatest
speck, resting.

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The Sharp Brevity of an Isolated Spiritual Experience

For most of the day,
I had been treading
carefully, waiting and hoping

the tiger would eat me,
or leave me, and my daughter,

suffused in weightless smiles,
happiness. We had walloped

golf balls, hammered them
and missed them and whiffed
at them, so our energy

had been expelled. Driving
east in a smooth vehicle
like an oblong bubble. It was

evening, the sun in the
obligatory west, and maybe

it was a rear-view mirror,
but we were bathed in
gold, bliss and blessedness

on Highway 10.




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She Melts My Competitive Spirit

I was coaching my team,
winning handily.

She was coaching the other
team, and I loved her, so

I crossed the field, told her
how to work her players so she

could beat my team, as I knew my
weaknesses, and she beat us, and I

still loved her, still today, always.

Her merciless, innocent smile
still kneads my heart.

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