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Running to Laura – 1

The streets of downtown Cincinnati were so deserted, I briefly believed we had hit the end of time, and I missed loud signals on that cold spring night.   I was lost and full of fear.  There are different types of fear, but no fear is more gripping than that fear that a loved one is about to hurt you deeply.

Laura wore a dark maroon dress with a hemline just above her knee, and that night more than most, I remember thinking how beautiful her legs looked.   They had a perfect shape.  My eyes could feel the smoothness that my hands luxuriated in earlier in the afternoon.  Laura carried all of the beauty I had ever seen in her.  I held her hand lightly.  The fear was crawling in my throat and I had no idea what the source was.   Her fingertips never gripped tightly, which always bothered me, but on that night, I remember that they were repelled from my hand.

Really, it was the end of time. I had no future.  I presume Laura felt Read the rest of this entry »

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