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Technologies Baking the Pathologies

I recollect the magic
of spell check in 1981,
shaking now, in 2011,
a disc for a slot in my car,
and Grumiaux
may as well be ensconced
in the passenger seat,
and (despite the pathologies
of my porkish-green spirits)
lulling me to a pacified mood
built upon Bach’s perfection.
But technology doesn’t fix me;
it spoils my love.

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A Disruption at Work Today

St. Matthew’s Passion in full-out all-red.
The soprano startles me,
something terrifying in German,
which (German) I don’t understand,

and cop car bigger than an elephant
pulls up front,
radio silence to sneak
on me but lights
in big street disco,

“You can’t do that boy!

No Bach at work.

Come with me.”

I loosen my tie
to get some air.

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