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The Day He Began to Change for Real

He parked his too-large automobile
in front of craft shops, wondering
who was watching him, who was judging

his journey, looking up slightly
at the seventy-three hundred
addresses, thinking about West and East,

thinking about which way was going
up so he could find the place. He knew
going in was a chore commanded of him

through a very brief moment of self-discipline
while knowing that this is the last place
he would ever want to go.

These people
are not the people
he would ever choose to be with.

The daily commute had been tortuous
for years. It had been part of his insanity
incubator, his car had become the prison

that had fostered the growth
of the most severe anger at the most
inconsequential things, not a violent anger,

but a fearful one, an anger that starts
with being born, an anger that starts
with his parents, but not an anger at them,

an anger at what they had given him,
all of those disgusting genetic defects.


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Anticipation of Soft Playgrounds

Seething gray inches smoothly

Through big, West plates

Filled with faithful evergreens.

Morning is too soon, but

Swimming vines, gripping softly,

Simmer the stew of life.

Pliable comets of bodies of silk,

Velvety lotions of wild hormones,

Promise of a day with no other agenda,

Adoration blooming without fear,

Shaking with bright foreshadowing,

Not waiting for the blackness to

Smother and scare the gray.

Hoping explosive, calming reds of

Evening to come will fuse the old,

Broken grounds of love’s history.

Dreaming anticipation of

Cushioned, soft playgrounds to come

Will forbid unwanted guests of

Torture and hopelessness.

Knowing that hope and those

Brilliant, deep, blue eyes

Will conquer the meaninglessness.

Let her work, God, please

Let her cover me in warm chains of

Silk, comforting with blue waves.

Please let her protect me from

All of the evil, heavy swarms of

Vicious wolves who love to harm daily.

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