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Perhaps, It Should Be Bach

Mahler adds a false drama to my winter afternoon.

I’m the bear who’s been torn to bits by the shotgun,

but I’m not. I’m the silent mouse, daintily crawling,

searching for approval, strangled by all of the thorns

of ice falling with aggression from the moldy brick

buildings. The scampering of the Mahler violins

makes me jump on top of the stale structures, and

the horns, the most powerful horns with the trombones,

they urge me to tear into the buildings with giant claws

made from plastic straws which never transport

the vanilla shake that helps fix my terrible moods,

but the buildings smash back at me at impossible

diagonal angles, shrinking me, forcing me to realize

who or what it is that I am. The man in the cafeteria

Speaks on the phone as if with his lover, and he’s

terribly ugly, but he creates life worth living, while I

pull the shards of ice out of my body, while Mahler’s lush,

glazed violins sing of unspeakably beautiful children, and

just before the children die, hope bubbles in my silent zones,

Trashed again by a man who is really a mouse, a parasite.


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My Day in 26 Pieces – II

Easy rise,

smooth jellos enhance

my liquid

path. Hoping

for better mastery of

golden, distraught paths.

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Anticipation of Soft Playgrounds

Seething gray inches smoothly

Through big, West plates

Filled with faithful evergreens.

Morning is too soon, but

Swimming vines, gripping softly,

Simmer the stew of life.

Pliable comets of bodies of silk,

Velvety lotions of wild hormones,

Promise of a day with no other agenda,

Adoration blooming without fear,

Shaking with bright foreshadowing,

Not waiting for the blackness to

Smother and scare the gray.

Hoping explosive, calming reds of

Evening to come will fuse the old,

Broken grounds of love’s history.

Dreaming anticipation of

Cushioned, soft playgrounds to come

Will forbid unwanted guests of

Torture and hopelessness.

Knowing that hope and those

Brilliant, deep, blue eyes

Will conquer the meaninglessness.

Let her work, God, please

Let her cover me in warm chains of

Silk, comforting with blue waves.

Please let her protect me from

All of the evil, heavy swarms of

Vicious wolves who love to harm daily.

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