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Running, Canvassing Balm, Treasuring Dark Insides

Crawling search

toward warming sun

and power,

she reigns su-

preme when I plead for rescue,

my guts float on, lost.

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Counting God, Not Time

If I just believe it will all work out
in God’s time, it will be okay.
But I can’t believe God has time.
Surely, I’ve never seen this God’s time.
Why would God need time?
Can you imagine knowing
that you’ll never escape,
that you’ll be in eternal pain?
God must never have pain,
but as I look around,
I’m sure God is in pain,
or maybe He’s dead
and we’re suffering
the ongoing pain of His absence.
I know better than to sit
and wait for God’s time
until something shows me
otherwise, I’m lucky
to have very little time left.

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2011 Mission Statement – Not Hopeless Yet

This is further material for the Who I Want to Be effort:

My title has some of my typical sarcasm, and I suppose it is not funny in the least bit.  Everything I let out of my mind is far too dependent upon the stability of my mind.

Yesterday, I had the best day I have had since April 24th of last year (tee hee – love saying this on January 1).  On April 24th, I remember thinking that the depression had completely lifted and I was finally a free man, and I could not remember being a happier man, but I woke up to a 25th that was even worse than the 23rd, worse because I had been newly reminded of what it might be like to be sane and healthy in a crazy world.  Yesterday was not like the 24th because I could feel the heavy blanket throughout the day, but I started feeling moments when I actually had that joie de vivre.  Read the rest of this entry »

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