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Commenters, Unite! Tell Me How Good I Am (So I Can Quit) (SIC)

[A note to kind, gentle, and loving people: Please avoid this post if my trashy experimentalism is at all offensive. Otherwise read aloud and then read aloud from bottom line back to the top. Okay, back to the insanity…]

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Ha-Ha, Six. Yeah, Six Times Six – A Collage from an Ugly Man

General Malaise, not specific.
Away. She played inside my skull.
Higher powers. Uneven economies.
Thin line. Slip, dead. Find love.
Unconsummated: Failures,
floating in between life.

Seemingly unbelievable asks.
Kind humans gently send me
rewards, fill small universe.
Thick-headed. Remonstrations,
life “preservers,” chance,
dark forest. Crashing impositions.

It’s back. Gratitude soft,
and life. Transitions, hauntings.
Populations sail.
Nothing to confess
goes away. Warmed. Down. Literary
fears. Silky care fills empty buckets,

perhaps. Racing screens,
humans, machines, distant drama.
Mountain. Smoke. Swamps. Lucky me.
How lucky! Survived that.
Don’t make me. Send me away.
Convocations concur.

It’s not my fault? Perish the thought.
Compassionate inspirations
from dark garbage falter,
mutate throughout broken mind.
Searching deeply, inside. Soul,
stop. Me, The Prodigy, dogs.

Twist, baby, twist hard, baby. Twist

for vents. Ideas born,
imprison, penetrating.
Silly crybaby, love soothes.
Kindness sprinkles
foolish esteem.
Forgotten, I’m not totally shitty.

Traveling upwards. Reducing helper-pills.
Mash brings relief. Searching,
percolating crazy. Internalizing.
Want do-overs. Had
frowns, seeking
empty spirit. Love youth’s chances,

almost effective. Circles.
Brain gone missing. Interior,
forbidden air. Hollow. Guilt echoes.
Rough-in terrible caves,
hotly. Run fast. Sit. Don’t stand.
Seeking wisdom, saturated brain,

furiously chaotic, my brain.
Hopelessness caps old day.
Today! Fears jilted. Let go. Hang on.


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Formless, Impulsive, Rebelious, Bloomin’ Idiot

I love how those forms control me.
Carl, idiot, don’t use the word ‘love’ in a poem.
Forms restrain me.
sensibilities rock my brain and soak me and make considerations so thick and make my tummy churn.
I don’t know how to think.
You know I’m sick, so I’ll say that I don’t believe in thinking with art.

I need restraint.
I need seat belts.
I need tape on my mouth.
I need hairspray.

When I am free, I am really the town idiot who needs to be locked in the county jail.
I suck.
Give me restraint and make me good.
There are so many characters, as in letters,
they swim through our modern world. I never see all of the characters I want to see.
Who reads this shit? Or that shit?
No one, idiot, and don’t use the word ‘shit’ in a poem,
stupid fuck.

So if they don’t read, why do I screw around with these forms.
I’m a rebel, but I do love forms. I love fugues, but I’ve written fugues in English,
and people are right-minded
to lock me up forever.
So I hate forms and I want to cuss and storm. I want forms that blast me
into the darkest areas
of my diseased mind,
so slash the forms, fuck the forms.
but I really need to work on my enjambments.

I want to tell the truth about what a sickly weak character I am, who is not fit for walking on the earth,
but who on earth would read that shit?
Give me my pen, my paper.
Let me read my books.
Feel free to lock me away if you give me pen, paper, and my favorite authors,
and leave me alone.
This poem sucks more than all of the others combined.
I need forms.
But none of the forms are real. None of them are true in the least bit. Isn’t that funny?

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Random: My Day with Pigface

Legal Notice: For Mature audiences (or immature audiences), not for those with normal sensibilities.

Every once in a while, I go back to the lab. Today, I’ve done that with lines from a live CD from the group Pigface. The creative method is inspired by John Cage, and I might say that I enjoy the results. Feel free to throw tomatoes.

Random: My Day with Pigface

0.036525 take the high ground; never look down
0.991095 divebomber big time momma
0.864649 you need love, love, love
0.479870 cursed maggot
0.498981 we come to fuck you over
0.756310 can I have a taste of your ice cream
0.609041 the king of negativity
0.837424 I don’t know what it is
0.765250 you look fucking brilliant
0.608317 eat shit, you fuckin redneck
0.624013 this is insane
0.065741 I love my city
0.942699 I’m closer to heaven when I’m with you
0.118874 your hands are shaking
0.867978 you need everything; I need you
0.170418 insect, insect, back to the subject
0.397764 can I interfere with your crisis
0.953830 now you need to make some noise for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
0.756494 you’re so fucking cool
0.215664 evil mothers
0.147935 guilty, guilty, guilty
0.427294 good evening, Chicago
0.501885 yeah, yeah, yeah
0.801770 one more lap around the racetrack
0.429789 I’m closer to heaven without you
0.074449 you need to make more noise than that
0.853442 blah, blah, fucking blah
0.656743 gotta get it revved up
0.606022 say a prayer for the nearly departed
0.116313 groovy man
0.854306 incoming
0.444970 looking for a suspect
0.650806 that fucking shirt stinks
0.708342 your mother wouldn’t like it
0.888786 I’m gonna blow you away
0.730237 you’re so damn cool
0.172478 never underestimate the difference that you as an individual can make
0.938908 YEAH
0.969247 your pulsing immorality
0.624532 It’s not being careful that protects you
0.664092 this is insane
0.015381 Pigface, Pigface, going to the racetrack
0.764309 one, two, fuck you
0.249720 the grim fairies
0.901298 It’s just doing everything 110 percent that protects you
0.592134 seven things, not seven words, seven things
0.214670 you guys havin’ a good time
0.151508 oh my baby
0.823685 to make you feel beautiful
0.473398 he says he holds us in his hand
0.880704 fuck you, mind your own business
0.684005 don’t waste my time
0.402247 suck, suck, suck
0.422061 incoming
0.671210 get the fuck away from me
0.126838 happy Easter
0.133125 god is here

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Winter Love Slam

A  tribute to John Cage,

Some of you might want to skip on by. . .

John Cage

[to be read aloud, musically, peacefully:]

Arrive winds twenty night late and
from precautionary freezing
snow significant winter storm
flashlight glaze snowfall national
timing forecasts become Kansas
visibilities other there
freezing location light is a
actions Wednesday through area
ten and accumulations night
afternoon watch preparedness
strong watch covered freezing falling
Western reduced monitor well
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