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Why I’m Not a Good Spectator at Poetry Readings

I’m here early. Observing
in a disinterested
way, or trying to appear

that way. The students, I want
to be one, and the hippies,
the hippies and a dead nylon

smell. Nothing wrong
with green hair but it bothers
me that it’s a fashion statement
while being anti-fashion, and I’m

anti-, anti-social because
I’m fearful of people I
don’t know, because I’m a
chicken without a mind,

perhaps intriguing on the
inside but flat as a board
in these chatty situations,
and all of this makes me

want to hate myself, especially
when George
won’t have the courtesy
to say hi to me. He is

the weirdo who was happy
to see me unofficially
kicked out of the writing
group. I hate him almost

because I set out
my weakness for
him, he being a similar,
bizarre character, and he

dismissed me,
the scoundrel.

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Early Day Creep, Early Day Failure

It’s so mighty of you
to be heartened by our community.
It’s so nice of you
to encourage us to use our brains (of all things).
We long for you to use yours.
My tie clashes violently with my shirt today.
I am crawling but not literally.
I know I am forgetting
something I was to do today.
If I don’t remember,
I will be shot between the eyes.
In a dream, everyone was telling me what to do.
In life, somewhat real, I hate it when they tell me.
And when I need them to tell me,
They never do.

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Kill the Stink, My Ass


You say, “Sunshine kills the stink of corruption.”
“Bullshit,” I say,
because I see the scoundrels
crawl into the tiniest mold in the most diseased
grass and proceed to live virulently. We need you,
but you should gain humility, understanding
that it appears that god is sending more thugs
than the good guys could possibly lock up. You
should go back to your street, get back to work,
and understand that you are not in charge
of sunshine, the world is very stinky, and even
God’s sun has done little to stop that. Your claim
of victory looks silly next to humanity’s battlefield.


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