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My Spirit Gets Lost in the Dark at Times

And in that

morning, sleep crawls on 

pieces of 

flesh, blisters

happiness, falsifies death

of dark depression



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When I Thought I Was Gone

Roasting death,

Stealing memories,

startling days,

crunchy tan

futures with super balloons

crushing light creepers.

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Today, During Meditation, I Slept a Bit

Crawl under

skin hiding cupcakes,

make frosted

tempers stop.

Blazing sun arises to

dark, lost souls. Looking.

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One Day, In My Cage, I Ceased Fighting

This is a soundscape but with dramatic shape. This kind of post-modernism is not agreeable to most people, but it’s where I am right now — I feel so comfortable mired in the muck.



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When the Space Is Crashing In On Me

I’ve lost all

battles, drying out

in fierce winds,

waiting for a permanent history

where I fall no more



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The Dogs Pointed Toward Eternal Silences

When rain comes,

old smiles flatter dogs,

I’m dying

below gray

rock, and morgues speak of silent

dances, my last squeels

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Etude 2017-6 — Walking Toward, Balking at Death

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A Day Crossing Some Unusual Desert Land

Grayed windows

highlight slimy life,

creepy sun

sending them

off to hide, sorting mismatched

colors, death soon here.

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Saturday Death at Costco

I want to

love people, forgive

and be calm,

always smile,

but I am not bright sun, and

I am blasted dead.


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America 2017, #11

Floating dead,

bending bridges and

organs, sing,

my friend of

your loss of all that was good,

and come back full brown.



Carl’s amateur dystopian photography – Fort Smith, Arkansas



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