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Evading, Searching, Running from Enticing

Driving madness for no one,
to ruin my gentle salads,
running over the poor kids,
seeing a perfect body,
unfairly enticing,
making me want
to dance with her,
shrink her ego,
giving her room and freedom
to love.


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Give Me a Slow, Driving Seven

You know it.
Three followed by two.
Several times.
Stepping in a field with rattle snakes.
Bring a club.

Left first,
toes first.
Right stretch,
heel first.
Open ears.
The eyes crawl,
knowing they are easily deceived.
Three by two.
Drive, drive, drive.
Blow your stack.
Three by two.

The more perfect
two by two by three.
One two. One two.
One two three.
Lift gently.
Watch for snakes.

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Hall Monitor in Sunshine

Staring without tears,
intent, sinking under love.
Sunshine blinks mercy.
Your walk round, impeccable,
immeasurable sweetness.


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Russian Music for My Heart

Sing-song, chip, splendid
town street, a black tall top hat.
Perfect gray, fifties
black top, ornate curly wood
then dance stops loud, anger starts.


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Soaking With The Fall

Unique moods, special energy.
Saying no to much of life.
Maybe no energy at all, but slow motion.

Wanting to be entertained, not dead.
Wanting to sit and soak
in room-temperature coffee.
Wanting to dance like a loose rag doll
with the prettiest waitress
at that sloppy diner with fungus.

Listening to The Fall.
Like Bob Dylan, only far more.
Is it far worse?
Keep drilling the monotone at me.
Seeming psychosis,
the kind that can be left behind.
Leaving me almost not wanting,
like a stringy dish cloth
pulled through teeth of a garbage disposal.

Take-and-bake pizza, oven buzzer blows.
Can I take it out, can I cut it up?

The Fall gives me that poisoned feel.
It is good poisoned,
like when no one needs you,
no one loves you,
no one knows where you are,
no one wants you.

Looser than my normal slouch,
gooey liquid slowly descending
around all sides of the chair.
My body, a shaky, sweaty, dead blanket.


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Disco for the Insane

Suburban chores materialize depression.
Do them;
grown-ups do.

Towering snow banks intimidate today.
Selfish preservation wants the sun to work,
but others would think me lost.
I am lost; I am hiding,
but please don’t think me lost.
I will survive all of you people.
I have my contrivances.

I find garden gloves with summer soil,
grab my tiny music power box, ear buds on.
I will not crash.

YEEEEAAAOWW, The Prodigy –
I’ve got the poison, and
the remedy is The Prodigy.
Howard Dean seem like
the Queen of England.

I scream gigantically, and all is fine.
Neighbors are bottled against the cold.
Out of tune, big huge in spirit.

In summer, they called the hospital.
I was dancing with the lawn mower
in my baggy shorts, black socks
and tennis shoes from a nuclear winter.
They heard me screaming in joy.
I am embarrassing to all who love me,
but oh, if they let me out,
how I dance and survive,
how I survive the insanity
that hides in crevices,
wants me all gone,
makes me SICK,
wants me hanging from my Oak tree.

dancing with my bright red shovel,
my spirit is juiced, jacked
snow washing away, running away,
moving so good, so roundly nutty.
At the sight of our primitive dance,
the neighbor in Humvee,
mouth wide, astonished,
she wants to export me.

“You’re no good for me.”
I dance, The Prodigy sings loudly,
I hear all women I have known
singing this with the horn of a Honda,
a persistent beeping horn
for cracking brains open.

If you don’t like The Prodigy,
you will never tolerate my darkness;
you will see me as scrap for dogs;
you will work to obliterate my spirit.

“I got the poison, I got the remedy.”
If you take my Prodigy, the Oak tree
will master and destroy my good plans.

Is it true that only the insane,
only the forsaken love,
only they need The Prodigy?

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Lost in the Dark of White

Brilliant powder prances swiftly on the land

Brightness alleviates desire for man’s instruments

Dance and frolic, remember the fun, light shakes

We want more; we always want more thick shine

When more is here, we freeze, we stutter, we hide

Fears of insane crunching metals stopping humanity

Avoid the madness, bring more, dance and run away

More becomes the nothingness that blesses us


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Friends in Colors Now

They are slow, smile big

Browns of the most warmth

Dark, thick browns hold the soul

Dance, dance, shift, dance, pop

Heads bounce in circles, smile big

Presents are here they love

Big fluffy white tangles softly

Backside like their prey

Tricky games and presents

Blacks, whites, browns mix softly

Dance with big, huge smiles

Fuse orange, round happiness

They glue broken brain cells

Agile paws loving human hands

Make the instant with velvet light

Huge, good day that boings big

Lick and love and worship

Life turns tolerable, bright green

Rid us of  the past, erase the bad

Exterminate our scary future

They love right now, always there

My dogs help me live big and good


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