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Sifting Through Lessons in Creation

Under canopies of concrete barriers,
seeing your pain rip through full buildings,
knowing our words melt those beastly structures,
staring, holding your wisdom, wanting belief,
running makeshift humility, knowing your truth,
falling and finding your Band-Aid, hearing your softness,
understanding katat can be good, hiding in the security
that you are pushing me to sanity, keeping me alive,
forcing rats and blankets to fly straight up and get lost in the
swirls of flaky, delicate clouds that you have created,
knowing that tomorrow I might create and it
might soothe my soul and you might see that.



It is One Shot Wednesday AGAIN! It seems like it’s only been a week since the last one. I decided to put this one up on the board. Go check out what others have to offer at One Stop Poetry – It is a marvelous group of poets.

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