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Medicine for Misused Humans

I wear my headphones. They help me grind through insanely boring work. People think I’m rude and I use the headphones because I don’t like people. Most times, I hope they’re wrong. When my headphones are off, all that I hear is insane, meaningless chatter – Meaningless because there is so much of it that it no longer sounds like English. I can only hear rising and lowering tones and then slow are then more rapid rhythms. Usually it is active recaps of last night’s network TV. I love random chance music, but I’d rather listen to my favorite composers instead. Sometimes I listen to Insane Clown Posse, and I hope I don’t sing along too loudly because those guys say a lot of bad words. I like my Pearl Jam or some Soundgarden. I like Bach. I love Brahms but when I listen to Brahms I air-conduct too wildly.

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Countering the Nothingness

A six-part fugue from The Musical Offering, in...

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It is all nothing.
Staring at the white and
Lines and numbers,
Adding nothing to the world,
Confiscating life from Bach.
Glorious, loud earphones
Shear me from insanity.
Gently moving arpeggios
Make sense of the world’s structures.
Bach is not drowned by the
The bleakness of our world.
Yet he permeates it and
Strips away the shit.
He leads us to subtle
Victories of joy over
Concrete obstacles to love.

Yet here I sit with numbers,
Vicious lines and terrible white.
Microsoft’s blues do not soften the blows.
Steal whatever will to live Read the rest of this entry »

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Indestructible Despair of the Season

Bach tries valiantly but cannot melt away

The despair of the season.

I need the beautiful structures to

Eradicate the guilt from failure.

I need the perfect harmony

To give me peace and love and joy.

But Bach fails horribly and I cry.


“I’m no good,” comes up from hidden basements.

Mother judged and hated my

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