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Phony Supervision

We need to be firmly educated
in our post-modern terms,
but I am beaten-down tired
by the philosophical bullshit.
You, sitting behind your desk
theorizing on financing strategies
of the bin Laden replacements.
Open your eyes,
and look who’s coming
in through your fucking front door.
Put your head down;
get back to work.

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Kill the Stink, My Ass


You say, “Sunshine kills the stink of corruption.”
“Bullshit,” I say,
because I see the scoundrels
crawl into the tiniest mold in the most diseased
grass and proceed to live virulently. We need you,
but you should gain humility, understanding
that it appears that god is sending more thugs
than the good guys could possibly lock up. You
should go back to your street, get back to work,
and understand that you are not in charge
of sunshine, the world is very stinky, and even
God’s sun has done little to stop that. Your claim
of victory looks silly next to humanity’s battlefield.


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