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Adjusting the Schedule 100

Adjust the schedule. I wake up earlier than anyone and still don’t get to work on time. Good air conditioning, Claude. I’m compulsively against mornings, but I hate exercising in the evenings so it has to be the mornings. Should ban myself from the computer, from the books, just get up, walk briskly, meditate, hop in the shower, and then if there is time, go read a bit. Schedule the big shit first and all of the little shit falls in. We are hopelessly overwhelmed with information. In my job for sure, but in my spare time, so big shit first.

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Mike Is Overexposed

Mike has a way of consistently looking pensive. His hand scrubbing his chin often, he’s persistently looking to the sky for answers.

There was a lady walking in the alleyway when I saw Mike. She appeared to be selling her ass so that she could acquire another round of heroin. She was zooming in on any of the humans in the vicinity, including Mike, but not including me. Mike was not aware of her wicked focus. Mike is overexposed to these things in our civilized environment.

I felt compelled to go home and read a new book.


This is my brief contribution to Inspiration Monday – This is XIV There are some great things happening over there!

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