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Blank Screens, Vacuous Celebrations

The video screen
in the elevator went
blank yesterday. They
had warned us, “Pardon

the interruption,”
something about construc-
tion, so I shouldn’t
worry, but my mind

went blank too. Then,
today, some whiteness
was back, the horizontal
was fouled up, making
me think of the days

when we got our first
color TV, and I
did wonder about
aliens because when

the picture was all
fucked up on that R
CA, and the hori-
zontal lines were spinning

I would think of aliens
who were there just to
interfere with modern
comforts. The TV in

the lunchroom was work-
ing, working hard, show-
ing a trial and experts
on a trial that had

become a national
celebration because
it was supposed to teach
us about ‘Merica

where a Mexican man
shot an older African
American boy, and if
they had both been Mexican

or both Caucasian or
both African-American,
the screen would have been
blank, or America

would have been celi-
brating some other hatred.


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