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Plummeting with Today’s Coffee Chore

I was scolded because I didn’t
make the coffee

properly. The electricity
from the grass burned
my feet even as I sat
inside, looking through
protective covers
of glass. The thunder

in the distance made the grass
frazzle, and I
longed for that statuesque, red brick
home where I could paint, slathering

canvas with burning
yellow and brandishing
black to draw stick
men with circle heads, men
far more successful
than I. “You

wait for the water
to be scalding, and then you
soak your pot before
you brew your coffee.”

The thunder allows
me to surrender,
to quit fighting
everything, and the darkness,
the weight
of the drops pounds
me into safety, allows me to

retreat into tiny rooms
with those red brick
walls and steel bars and aluminum
utensils so that I can live
out my
protected in the shattered violence
of complete retreat, but my

throat tightens because
it’s not
true and I struggle and I

hate this moment, just this one.


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