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Ups and Turnabouts

Roller coaster is the quaint way
to reflect on what the red sauces

with black electrical wires do,
but today, I am running down, exhil-

erated or running up with climactic
buzzes showering my body, good

parts of the body, chilling, shivering
parts of the body meant for engage-

ment, or am I in at the bottom where
we load on and roll off, where we
drown in silky, muddy waters, devil-

ishly eating us, for they are left
over from yesterday’s distress,

never done ruining, but today, breast
stroke, grabbing the wood seat with in-

cisors, twisting desperately, and I pop
up, see the monsters left, see the wa-

ter dry vehemently, and I dive, head-
first, you catching me, loving me, driv-

ing me into your lush folds, warmth at
last, and today is full. Full blast, down

and up, hard and fast, sweet and juicy,
all is big beautiful life for these minutes.

I told you; quaint.


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