The New Encroachments

The giant orange bear
eats pink frosting. He flies
with torn and hidden wings,
painting evergreen needles until they
die, until they fall away to the forest floor,

and they grow the earth with the detritus
of the greedy bear. His paint, a dark oil,
covers all that is near, and each day,
he works mightily to grow bigger and
bigger, and the needles, they protest

like sheep, perhaps silently, as they fall and
tumble to their deaths, those tender moments
feeding the orange furry mess with swords
for claws. The giant orange bear demands
that the needles move in ways they can’t

move and demands that the needles
not move with the wind, but instead, that
they cater to his regulatory whims, which do
nothing but twist the needles so they suffer
poignantly before their ultimate oily deaths.


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  1. #1 by claudia on December 29, 2012 - 2:36 am

    this giant orange bear could stand for a lot of things…i was thinking in this, then in another direction.. a tightly penned metaphor….and hey..wishing you a wonderful new year as well

    • #2 by Carl on December 29, 2012 - 10:32 am

      Thank you, Claudia, and all the best to you in the next year! I look forward to all of your good work.

  2. #3 by clinock on December 30, 2012 - 5:02 am

    Surreal and touching to the deepest parts – meaning explodes in all avenues of our searching – your words fuse the thoughts and the day – there is no escape from the giant orange bear – he is us and we are him – loving and quiet contemplation brings the day to rest…

    • #4 by Carl on January 8, 2013 - 9:06 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind comment.

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