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Slate’s Never Right

Tonight, after being slugged in the stomach,
not the solar plexus (slugged a grand word,
especially when you’re in third grade, which of course,
I am no longer, only wishing to be so innocent),
in the stomach all day, well, for many large parts
of the day, when the slate of my mind is erased

while remaining poisoned, so do you know how a blank
slate feels when filled with poison, when the stomach
is filled with air that will never escape, sitting there
providing fuel for those poisons? The poisons ride in

my car tonight, swimming in and out of the beautiful
gloss and slick white surface of the blank slate
of a ruined mind, but I made it as if I were rowing
the last survivor’s boat and I sit here in sweats,
watching the poison creeping around waiting (the

poison) to strike harder tomorrow when my mind
feels fullness and goodness that is too foreign for her.


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