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The Compression of Invisible Shards of Prison Glass Within Our City

There are the days,
the sun, a heady furnace,
burgeoning lasers and storms
of white, frying me in a crouch,
as the charging knights on horses
of glass come round to crush our souls
while we earn a meager living, one
that certainly requires gratitude, but one
that requires imprisonment within the
towers of slick darkness reflecting the evils
of those we never see, of those who would
starve us of our grand purpose, who would
steal our grace, would have us grip the
carpeting, chewing plastic trucks
waiting for freedom that will never be
here in our canons of dark light,
longingly searching for anyone
who might comfort us in our
endless decline.



I was happy to be able to participate in Claudia’s hosting on impressionism at dVerse.

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My Turn, My Turn Was Electric, for a Moment

She can’t hear what I hear,
but a haunting bolt of lightning
of a glance bears terribly gentle
beauty, and I want to be in her
pockets, a warmth chilling her body,
walk with her in a rhythm from
the pink of clouds which reach down
and wrap me in a seemingly-permanent

state of safety, and my turn, my turn,
it made me connected, made me want
to run away forever and listen
to bedtime stories, true ones.


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