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Breaking Me Breaking News Breaking Me – A Collage

man charged with beating,
suffocating sisters‏ Platte County authorities

to discuss missing woman’s case 4 vehicles
collide on highway 9 near highway

169 construction workers hurt in possible
lightning strike‏ police: woman found dead in car

near 39th, Kensington‏ report Penn State leaders
didn’t protect kids‏ crashes snarl

morning commute in Johnson County
where can I go? firefighters battle large

landfill fire, fire breaks out at Blue
Springs motel‏ Zimmerman makes

bond, released from jail‏ KCPD investigates office
building break-in on Ward

Parkway‏ jobless rate remains at
8.2%‏ missing Atchison teen found

in Hiawatha‏ bank robbery suspect in
custody after Sugar Creek standoff‏ bank

who are my neighbors? robbery suspect in
standoff with police in Independence‏ Lawrence firefighters

battle large grass fire near neighborhood‏ Zimmerman’s
bond set at $1M‏ Leavenworth authorities seek missing 1

6-year-old‏ crews respond to Blue Springs apartment
fire 2 siblings electrocuted at Lake of the Ozarks‏ person

killed in fall at Westin Crown Center Hotel‏ toddler
found wandering near 39th, Prospect‏ pedestrian

why do I do this? struck by suspect vehicle
during police chase KC police sergeant

accused of stealing from mother‏ man found
dead in home with no working AC or fans‏.


P.S. Pardon my temporary dive into the avant garde. This is the rearranged and deranged text message racket I’ve recently received from a local news station as “Breaking News.” These collage pieces don’t work well for most people, but they are fun for tinkering. Some of you may recognize the last line and a half as inspiration for another piece. Really, all of these little ditties could be the start of tragic, perhaps glorious, short stories if one were diligent and crafty enough.

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