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Why Are We Gathered Here Today?

I’m forgetful and the air floats by empty.
Some dressed for opera, most dressed
for a day in the garage. It is a challenge
being comfortable and to be attractive
when the game has torn our heart muscles.

Heat appears as our guest,
but not as loudly as she might have been.
If we didn’t have all of our orange barrels
and lane closures, would we show up
to work?

Snot is running
down his ramp. Bike rider hit
by car dies. Man is presently
stuck under garbage truck
on 137th, and I can’t do anything.


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Anticipation of Fear of Melting Life Lines

There is walking around with fear –
Logical fear where odds tell you
there are things to be done
to your psyche, to your flow.

You aren’t conscious, mostly,
but you rely on a smooth,
comfortable sense of self.
It is the one strand holding
up the netting of your goodness.

The ones you love most
will melt with greatest
velocity that last strand
with flame-

And you will wish you didn’t
take them seriously, wish
you didn’t consider
them real,
but you have no shield,
no sense of well-being.


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