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“Our” Holiday

Streets are empty,
so I feel strong
in my isolation,
but I should be with family.

How does one celebrate a resurrection?
Merely another birthday party?
It should be more,
or different.

Some may not feel comfortable
looking to be in the wrong century,
driving the right car that is so wrong.

I mow the lawn and the terrible dust
ruins the sheen on the Toyota
driven by the man with Parkinson’s
who would have rather stayed home,
it is clear, and I wonder
why they let him drive

and feel compelled to be grateful
through my muddy fog, not
understanding resurrection.
I know it won’t happen
to me, but I’ll have some ham.

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Man at Lunch

The joy of giant vases,
but the shelled-out stone art,
and the man’s eye’s wander sharply
to the left and attack his laptop,
his ego flowing over the sides
of a hard restaurant booth,
and I feel the wish
expand, the wish to destroy,
the wish to eradicate humans,
starting with myself.

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