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2012 – Before the End of the World

1. Every day – question why nicotine gum is a required part of my life. Tie it to how I quit alcohol. Quit Nicorette.

2. Every day – reflect on willingness to sit alone in quiet for 10 minutes. Something similar to meditation.

3. Every day – Remember that exercise may be the most important thing to do in life today.

4. Every day – Consciously forbid self criticism. I try hard enough. It’s okay to fall short. I’m OK.

5. Every day – Understand everybody is doing his best so when I am around everybody, be happy that they are all doing their best.

6. My meetings, all meetings – be fully present and contribute consciously.

7. Every day – reflect on my willingness to remove mess from my life.

8. E very day – When I am most fresh, be willing to write my ideas down. Be willing to look up and forget modern society.

9. Every day – Actively do things that are not part of wasting the precious moments of life.

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