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Sealed in Bright Office, Watching War on Main Street

A smelly-looking geezer,
blaring a game of survival,
with Blue Tooth,
yelling, screaming,
Hyundai hazard lights,
doing a discotheque flame-out,
his hands chopping,
carving into invisible heads,
with mouth, opening and shutting,
making gigantic geometric shapes.
Down goes window,
out goes cigarette,
flicking ashes
switching ears,
pounding dash,
what a big man he is!


Wednesday on Highway 7

The raccoon is at the bottom of the red ocean,
lying flat, lying dead on Highway Seven.
Today he lay down for me.
Cranky, fishy, strip bars swing by violently.
The raccoon sat up on two legs
in the back right seat,
and I winked at him,
but all the other drivers flattened him.
I looked anxiously for a stop light,
a resting spot.

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