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Watch Out, Little Bunnies – A NaNo Excerpt

Freddy sees black and maroon rabbits running around in circles, figure 8’s, frantic but organized, fluffing in the wind as bunnies are wont to do, on Walnut, maybe 70 or 80 bunny rabbits. He feels the drowning sadness as he perceives this state of affairs and he prays and prods for the rabbits to climb the tall buildings so that they can grab and mangle the sun from the rooftops and avoid the malaise of drivers who feel they have a mission to keep, but as Freddy rubs his eyes, he realizes that these are merely bits of the discolorations of pavement gathering together in melting storms of gray colors, conspiring to make him believe that something beautiful lives in these streets when he has known for years that this is a sick sort of unfulfilled fantasy with little if any inspirational source.


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How the Sewer Ruins Christmas – NaNo Excerpt

The cement slithers in the coolness of the creepy blue air and Freddy’s feet feel the grind through the Florsheims. He’s been wanting new shoes for weeks, but he hates shopping, and reflection on this reminds of him of the thickness of Christmas that is approaching too quickly. The neighbors put out their Halloween lights in September and this is his signal to run from the evils of the season, not of Halloween but of nature’s darkness that places mold inside of Freddy’s brain cells and makes them smell so that other people can see this seeping gas coming from Freddy’s head and he prays every morning for a little light in the season of fall. It never comes, but all of man’s false lights blast his head with and fuse the mold, growing it fast, allowing it to steal any sense of worth. This is true for Freddy, this effect of man’s outdoor lights. The lights wash his brain cells. His mind feels power leaving as the water runs down his body, down the driveway and into that sewer that has trillions of pieces of clay from 60 years ago, clay that man thought would last forever but that now barely holds the slick green, moldy water. Freddy thinks that the water comes back up in the lawns, in through the electrical systems and then into the outdoor lights. He walks down the sidewalk and watches these lights in a broad overview, looking down the street at perhaps 9 houses, all with lights that seem to be fused with evil, they seem to be seeping a green that makes the light some sort of power that evaporates the good that only occasionally floats in the air of the neighborhood.


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