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this is my 500th post,

and all I ever wanted to do

is to write one good piece,

to feel the feeling of one

bountiful creation.


I’ll keep trying

thanks to the beautiful

the kind and generous,

the open-minded people

who visit,

and cheer me on.


Keep the faith!


I can always say

it will be better tomorrow.




Being Gassed by the Aquarium

Twirlers, tish, tish, tish.
Clydesdale, Golden Retriever,
She is chomping at the leash,
bobbling up and down,

a beautiful creature
being gassed by the aquarium
of tall buildings swarming
with engines crawling
around on wheels.

Her owners, looking around,
looking up – They think
life beautiful too, enhanced
by their Golden Retriever,
but they’re killing her,
essence and all.

Truthfully, with lonely envy,
I only want the Golden
to come visit me in my office
and stay with me forever.

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