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Tuesday’s Chemicals, Vague Miracles

Feeling the requirement
to write about the darkest days of summer,
but this morning was bouncy.
Hands and my head floated with my music.

And I said, “I can do this,”
meaning I will survive the day.
Chemicals were right, body’s bubbles were joyous,
energy and acceptance flowed through my vessel.
wishing I could create this every day,
but puzzled, merely living a vague miracle,
waiting for the other shoe but not worried about the other shoe.

Then my boss said
that I am good
at doing all that I do
that I thought no one cared about.

I’m believing it’s the visit with the sick last night
that has sparked my day with a chance at life, and if so,
I will visit the sick every night.

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Go Away; Come Again Some Other Day

It comes up like a heavy frog,
thick with mozzarella cheese,
with tongue sticking out,
stabbing my thorax.
Choking on my insanity,
coffee running over me,
polar bears hugging me,
I swim in the steam
of broken windows.

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