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Dark on Kansas

Today, the weeds are causing terrible,
disturbing shadows,
fucking with the morning sun.
I am oblivious, minding my soul.

The old strip club is now the Antique Mall.
Is that reflection
of a non-changing staff
or of a changing Kansas?

Everything is an antique mall
or a Korean massage parlor
(some very bad – parlors, not malls).
I’ve never been to one of the massage parlors,
nor any of the antique malls.

I’m antique enough in an antique land.
The darkness in the light is perverse.
The people are turning mean.
I’m minding my soul, the dark emptiness,
looking slightly up, alone.

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Why Are We Here?

cdcovers/pink floyd/animals.jpg

Image by exquisitur via Flickr

It was The Mars Volta


on Pandora, which this morning was all Pink Floyd,

which is fine, just fine, especially Animals.

I can never get enough

Animals. But I found myself

wondering how it is that humans are still here.

“Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb,”

will do you in good.

I go into the day empty.

Floyd is full, but I’m empty with empty questions.

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