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Office Window Shadorma 4

My bird is

back, coaxing me up

toward new

gold trophies

demonstrating big brain fluff,

painting nice spirits.

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Office Window Shadorma 3


masterful doctor

breeding hog

carts, full loads,

eyeballing palm trees blowing

gentle kisses east.

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Office Window Shadorma 7

Tan hat, tied.

Safari on back.

Ugly blue

coat, buttoned.

Pants, merely halfway to shoes.

Talking to stone steps.

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Office Window Shadorma 6

Flat sandals,

silky fingers play.

Dark on dark,

happily toked,

rides in blue convertibles.

Take my mind away.

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Dreams of Architecture Without Brain Cells

Around all of the tall buildings again,
a tourist but not touring, afraid of all
those who see him want to look up
and stare at the buildings, imagining
the brains behind these things. They
only see his temptation, but they know
he’s a brain-dead idiot. Who is so fouled
that he likes to look up and stare at the
buildings for many, many, many
minutes? Carl is a mess, too embarrassed,
feeling the stress of wanting to look up
forever but knowing that the others who
are walking the tumbling streets will laugh
outwardly and hatefully if they see a boy
who is big enough to be a man but is a
kindergartner, small-minded enough to look
up at buildings as if he is looking for some
god. What a feeble man he is! He sees
the beauty of the lines and wants to be
smart enough to design these beauties,
but instead, he is too stupid to watch for
the cracks.

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My Day in Five Words – 2



these lame-brained exercises.

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