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Bubbles Up, from Non-Judgment

You say I don’t say bad things about others.

I have fear, I don’t know anyone so how can I

say bad things? You want me to get mad. You

want me to be okay. With myself. But others

are always right. Never good enough. I’m not.

You want me to think over my noise. You say

I’m a good guy, Others tell me differently. You

are on my side. Of course you say. I’m good.

You say I don’t say bad things about things,

but how can I when it means I think I’m better

than things? I can’t be better than things. You

say I need new speeches when I face bad

people. I need voices that say I’m okay. I say.

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My Day in 6 Words – 38

Glorious compliment,

my self-worth



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