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I Ride in Fear

A man, straight down the hill,
perfectly in the middle,
looking so small in the distance,
looking so foreboding in black suit,
arms stretched out and upward,
like a movie, like The Matrix,
over-powering the upside-down V
valley into which my spirit is shoved,
he knows all, terrifies all.

I am only a passenger
in a ship that is doomed,
rapidly traveling down,
down the valley,
preordained to self-sabotage,
to find him,
to crash,
to fail,
but I keep working so damned hard.

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My Day in Six Words – XXX

Interior traveling upwards.

Reducing helper-pills.




(8 is enough, 30 is enough, but I keep doing these things because they help my awareness of the power of each word, and each day they come along. You’re probably sick of them, but I might keep going.)

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