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You Have This Terrific Fear 100

You have this terrific fear. You are weak and you are of no consequence. You think it is important that people like you. They never like you and when they show the most distinctive displeasure, you cower like a sick little mouse, poisoned, about to die. Why don’t you go crawl into a valley of thick trees where you will never see the peoples’ expressions of disgust? Why don’t you? Please. Quit letting the others weigh on you. They won’t miss you. One day when they’re singing, they’ll be glad you’re gone. You could go fast, crash hard. Bonjour, m’lad.

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I Don’t Love Gardening

Am I creepy for the things I love?

I’m glued to words,
stuck inside yearning
for life’s interpretations.
Growing backwards,
longing for giant love in words.
I love photos, too, weird portraits.

I don’t love gardening.

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My Day in Six Words – XXVIII



it’s not

my fault?

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