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Reunions, Smashingly Safe 100

I listened carefully. Parish. They have reunions. He said helacious drinking. It was 50 years. When 68, do some drink helacious? Helaciously. I drank helacious(ly) 15 to 41, a brilliant downhill stretch. Glorious – I don’t remember much.

Go, don’t go. Purpose: laugh and watch grand pianos swim in the pool with giant bottles of vodka. Don’t go, but what about sister? Go see sister. Stay home on couch with a book – Imagine the whole world doing butterfly inside your head. Nothing outside of your home means a fucking thing. That’s what I like. Stay home. Read. Pray.

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Hollow Sites

Terrible burrs thrown at me today,
tanked smell from a brain that is yellow-green
from years of various kinds of abuse.

My stack approaches me but it whispers,
“You are a modern idiot.” And I agree.
I sink in the chair trying not to hurt my back,
then trying to warp it out of shape,
twist a bit of agony up from the tired leather
to a brain that cannot channel in on anything.

Spared of green slobber this morning,
I decide it is appropriate for me to do the thing
where one step follows the other.
“Why do I have a conscience?
All it does is fuck with me.”

Why am I conscious?
It is better for me to float down the stream.
The stream is polluted,
causing fear in me,
but I think I have died before.

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My Day in Six Words – XXVI


seeking wisdom,

saturated brain,


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