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Medicine World

Today, I was counting my closing moments at work when the lady with the fuzzy, bushy, brown hair, who thinks she is a sexy devil but is better described as being overweight in a way that creates an appearance of a grandly-unappreciative attitude toward life, who is frustrated with a life that is later in the game than it should be, who enjoys  commercial television to a tremendous fault and is full of related conversation on the garbage that comes on nightly, got really pissed off when someone didn’t fill the paper tray in the printer, started slamming trays and bits and pieces of the copier, slammed the door to the paper supply cabinet so hard, I was sure it disintegrated , the crash making the ears ring in dour representations of hell.

I crouched down. I was afraid of being at work, afraid of staying in the room, but I had no choice.

My brother and I have a big square basement which allows us to go furious with our hobby that has turned magical. We have 16 carpentry horses and 16 4-by-4 pieces of cheap, one-inch plywood that splinters when we don’t watch the animated way it participates in our creation work.

We create paper houses, paper towns, paper rivers, paper mountains, and paper people. We build other things out of paper and work our tricky Medicine World. You don’t need Medicine World, but we do. We’re not fit for your world so we create a world like yours but our Medicine World likes who we are and how we live in spirit. It’s been our miracle cure, but even better lately as the paper has been literally animated, and we are sure that the magic of god hangs in our basement. We don’t know why.

I narrate my potent, latent fears to my brother and he creates the brown-haired lady from two pieces of construction paper. He sets her down, and she waves her arm at the copier made brilliantly by my brother out of the testy pink paper. She fills the copier in the most compassionate fashion and there is not one crash or bang. I am made to feel more peaceful in Medicine World, and the end of the day in our special world brought me to the opposing type of mood, an endearing mood of an angelic peace.


Another Inspiration Monday, InMon XII! I am not familiar with the book by the name, but I used the prompt Paper towns. I had hundreds of scenes that kept coming to mind, and I’m not certain I picked a good one.

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Broken China Tea Time

Such a little man he is. Once, he paused and realized that no one had ever liked him. This occurred to him when a charming lady acted as if to her, he was an exciting person.

For a moment he thought that on the inside, in an unspoken fashion, maybe everyone had liked him to one extent or another. But the chilling, broken china of that deception went away quite quickly as he thought it might be time for afternoon tea.

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Enthusiasm for arrivals,
togetherness brings emissions of hope,
but soon, I can’t bring air inside,
can’t escape my intolerance.
Things mentioned deflate dangerously.
Metal grates for carving
blow through my heart.
Nothing is there to be harmed.

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My Day in Six Words – III

Silly crybaby,

love soothes,

goes away.

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Disturbed Park Forest

Chaos of machines
in park built for gentle peace.
Insanity row
blowing awful comedy
across seas of weakened trees.

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