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Tines Derived from the Shame of Isolation

I want to love people
when lights flow, when sun warms
but does not bake.

When the rats bring the dark,
I want people to stay on other streets
in other cities.

I want to love people
It’s the only reason I’m here.

When it is dark,
people spark dry kindling of all my sunken fears.
I’m ashamed of the realm I create

All of the fork tines of my misery
stab my enthusiasm and I crawl away to hide
in bad, three-story caves with front terraces,
where it is dark,
where only my sickness keeps me company,
awaiting necessary painkillers,
awaiting necessary death,
awaiting my desire to love people.
I want to love people.

This one will be a contribution to One Shot Wednesday. I’ve missed a couple weeks and this week I’ll be #999, but what the heck! Go check out some of the fine poets over there!

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