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Crumbling Sidewalk

You were walking on a sidewalk with a beautiful day and perfect temperatures providing accompaniment. You decided  to listen to the sweet man with the very short hair and the oddly patterned black and white shirt. You feel the resistance. You don’t want to believe the man with the very short hair.

The man tells you that you live in two states. One like the one you are in on the sidewalk, calmly and very slowly in control. Your mind is spinning heavily but your state controls the mind and makes it still like a heavy bucket of settling cement. Everything is slow, perhaps slower than half speed and nothing can go wrong. The other state you get in is when the cement falls out of the bucket and spills along the gutter rolling as little pebbles, bouncing around and slowing into place as if arranging a garden out of the city street. This is the empty state and you are massively confused. You know nothing. Your mind is spinning millions of stories and it is empty at the very same time. It is a confused state. Each state needs the other state which gives you balance and balance is your gold medal in life.

You tell the nice man that you only wish you could be in a state in the middle. You wish you could be normal.

You keep walking and the pebbles keep gathering and separating as if they are toying with your mind, as if telling you how wacked you are.

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